Today’s Daily Prompt is Muse

So I see the daily prompt pop into my reader and I know immediately it’s trouble.

Hey baby, you talking about me?

See? “Nope, we’re doing muse today. You know, to think about or consider something.”

Or the other one, a source of inspiration. AKA me, Alex smirks

“Or I could pick a Muse? Melpomene? Write something sad?”

Just don’t put on Xanadu. A place where nobody dared to go

“What’s wrong with Xanadu?” I interrupt his awesome rendition.

What about the band?

“Meh,” I shrug.

A different Muse then? Erato? Write me a love poem

“Hmmm,” I consider Alex for a moment, messy hair, bare feet.

“How do I love you, let me count the ways – ”

That’s plagiarism babe, he interrupts

“Roses are red?”

So very original. Aren’t I worth a poem?

“I’m not a poet,” I sigh.

Write a memory then for Mneme or talk about a song for Aoide

“Look at you being all clever, but we already did a song.”

Just doing my job babe, he grins then yawns

Are we done yet?

“Let’s just leave the song here for everyone…”

Xanadu by Olivia Newton John


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