In the fading light I hear it
A mournful cry so wild
‘Run baby run,’ you whisper
I stare into the dark, beguiled

In the drifting shadows I see it
The glimmer of a smile
‘Run baby run,’ you whisper
I’m enraptured by his style

On the sandy shore I feel it
His languid sensual touch
‘Run baby run,’ you whisper
I’m caught up in the rush

On the moonlit beach you take it
My heart, my soul complete
‘Stay baby stay,’ you whisper
I’m in your arms, replete

Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt Dusk #writephoto prompt found via Robbie Cheadle over at Robbie’s Inspiration. If you want to join in you have until noon (GMT) Wednesday, there is no word limit or style requirement, the only caveat is to keep it fairly family friendly!


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