Easily Hooked

It’s been a rough week in the DevilDollhouse, my Tiny Empress was unwell and my Pre-teen Queen wasn’t her best self either. So the music has been a little low key and mostly just for my ears which was probably lucky as there were a few songs on high rotation and that tends to be greeted with a whiny ‘not that song again!’ Here are a couple that I’m sure would have driven the kids crazy…

First is a blast from the past which made a return to my playlist after I watched Baby Driver recently. I was probably more conversant with the 1992 cover version by Faith No More but I like the laid back cruisey feel of this video by the original artists The Commodores, I hope you enjoy it too…

Royal Blood are a British duo and I like to play their music loud much to my children’s distress. I could have easily listed five of their songs (including a Lana del Rey cover) but I’ll restrain myself to just one, which I picked kind of randomly…


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