First Kiss

(Cass Part 8… continues from here)

The first time we kissed I was blindfolded. It was a few days after our unexpected paintball meeting, another random rooftop. I thought I was alone as I had been every other night but his voice came out of the shadows, a little angry sounding.

“So you know everything about me now?”

“You think you’re that important we talked about you when you ran away?” I asked with a laugh.

“Most people would.” He was closer, I could almost feel him behind me.

“I’m not most people,” I scoffed and shrugged. “Rory said she knew you and you were in town on personal business but that was all.”

“Harry said I was visiting family,” he corrected softly but that thread of anger was still there.

“Well if you already know what was said… why are you asking and why are you so angry about it?”

“Maybe I was disappointed that you weren’t curious enough to ask,” he shot back.

“What?” A shocked laugh escaped me and I started to turn to face him but his hand caught my shoulder and I threw my hands up. “See? That! You wont even let me look at you. I respected your privacy by not prying and you’re angry that I did so?”

“Yeah I am! Because I shouldn’t care, I shouldn’t want you to know me! Hell, I shouldn’t want to know you,” he finished softly, the hand on my shoulder running down my arm, his fingers threading through mine. “You’re not part of my plan Princess,” he muttered, his breath a caress against my ear and I shuddered.

“Oh and you think I planned for you?” I didn’t recognise my voice, so soft and breathy. Was that me dropping my head forward at the touch of his lips on my nape? “I thought you had left,” I whispered.

“I couldn’t. I…” I waited for him to say he couldn’t leave me, I wanted to hear those words so badly, to know that I wasn’t in this alone. His hand released mine and his sigh feathered over my skin. “I’m here to find my father.”

Well so much for the irresistible allure of me! I could laugh at my ego later… “Wait, your father is missing? My dad or brother-”

“No,” he interrupted, his hand settled on my shoulder again as I went to turn toward him and I didn’t know is he was telling me not to turn, saying no to my family, or to his father being missing.

“I don’t need any help, he’s not missing, he’s … he doesn’t know.”

“Oh,” I said softly as the ramifications of that echoed in my head. “You must resemble him if you don’t want me to see your face.”

“So my mother says.” His voice was wry.

“Can I ask…” Who, why, where?

“You can ask anything Princess but it’ll probably be easier for me to just tell you.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“I grew up believing my father died in a hunting accident. My mother said she was afraid he’d take me away from her if he knew about me. A few months ago she got sick, had a fever and said some things that told me otherwise. She told me his name and I found that he’s based here so I came to find him.”

I waited for more explanation but there wasn’t anything but silence.

“And what happened when you found him?” I prompted.

“I’ll be sure to let you know.”

“What?” I frowned. “It shouldn’t be that hard to find him, the CCB, my family could help.”

“I told you I don’t need help. He’s out of town. I’m waiting for him to get back.”

“I could find out when he’s due back.” I reached up and placed my hand over his where it rested on my shoulder. “You can trust me to be discreet.”

“It’s not about trust Cass. He doesn’t know about me and I sort of think he should find out before the rest of the world. So I’ve been avoiding… well, everyone really.” He finished with a soft laugh and a sigh. “Except you Princess.”

I opened my mouth to point out that he had avoided me fairly well for a week but his whispered, “Do you trust me Cass?” stopped me.

“I barely know you Stormtrooper,” I whispered back.

“Not X, or Zavier?”

“You said your friends call you that. Is that what we are? Friends?”

“Good point,” he breathed against my neck, his jaw scraping my sensitive flesh. “Trust me Princess?”

I don’t know why but I do. “Yes,” I admitted then I gasped as soft material settled over my eyes.

“A blindfold,” he said as he tied it efficiently. “An exercise in trust for us both.”

“How?” I felt him move, the heat of his body in front of me then his hands cupped my shoulders and slid down to my hands. “Xavier?”

“Fuck,” he swore softly then my hands were moving. “Here Cass. I can’t show you but you can feel,” he said and pressed my hands to his face then rested his on my hips.

We’d done this before sort of. A short tour of his profile to prove he wasn’t a kid. But this time he wasn’t guiding me and I moved my hands down, along the sides of his throat to feel the width of his shoulders then the bulge of his biceps before I went back to his face. His lips were soft and as I paused there they moved into a smile. My fingers traced up over his cheeks, I felt the flutter of his eye lashes and veered out to the corners of his eyes. I wondered what colour they were and if they crinkled when he smiled.  Up I went but I hesitated, did I want to do this? Did I want to see without seeing, know without knowing?

His hands tightened on my hips and he sucked in a breath as I pushed my fingers through his hair. It  was soft and just long enough to tug on and I did just that as I stood there wearing his blindfold, playing his game. I didn’t understand it, why I trusted him without knowing him, why I let him tell me what to do. This wasn’t me, I was self confident, forward, had been called aggressive at times yet I was… submitting to him. I wanted to bury that thought, scared of the implications.

“What are you doing to me?” I wondered aloud.

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” he muttered. “Cass I… I’m sorry,” he whispered then he kissed me. His lips were soft as he pressed them to mine and neither of us moved for what felt like forever but in reality was less than thirty seconds. His hands lifted to the back of my head working the knot of the blindfold and I thought, this was it, I was going to see him at last.

His lips left mine and I held my breath as I waited for him to remove the material. “I’m sorry,” he said softly and his lips brushed my check as he moved behind me. I heard the scuff of a footstep and a door opening as the blindfold dropped from my eyes. I knew I was too late but I turned anyway to see the door closing and I was alone again.


      1. Haha, I’m a complete pantser so no idea what’s happening next! Hope Cass and X let me know soon 😉


  1. You write so beautifully. I had to catch up and I’m glad I did. The chemistry and the moment were married so perfectly that I felt what was happening.


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