I’m no paragon of virtue, vice is too much fun
I’m never being chased, yet I’m always on the run
I’m lusting over here, and preening over there
Everything is to excess, consumption everywhere
Don’t be jealous of my ways, you know we’re all the same
We leave the mess for someone else, and go on with our games
There’s a question in your eyes, am I proud of what I’ve done?
I don’t have time to think of that, I’m too busy having fun!
I might leave you sad and broken, I might leave you mad and crazy
I might care for you another time, right now I’m just too lazy
I’m not a total bastard, I don’t think so anyway
I’m just living free and wild, every moment every day
You can join me if you like, there’s room here on this ride
But don’t bother with a seatbelt, you ain’t getting out alive