On The Roof Again

(Cass Part 5… continues from here)

Dean came to stand beside me and draped his arm over my shoulder as I leaned against him

“Who else has seen this?”

“Just us,” he said and I puffed out a breath in relief.

“And me.”

“Hunter!” I shrieked and turned towards my twin’s voice to find him stepping out of the shadows. “I hate it when you do that,” I said with a scowl then turned back to the painting.

“Fuck, how long have you been there?” Dean growled glaring at him as Hunter came to join us.

“Well that’s a cluster fuck Cass,” he said with an arch of one brow. “Though Luka looks happy so maybe not.” He shrugged and turned away to stroll over to Dean’s other canvasses. “Anything with me in them yet?”

I didn’t stick around to shoot the breeze with my brothers. I left them having their usual discussion about the merits of being in one of Dean’s vision as the canvas burned down to ash. It was too early to go home, Luka would be in geek mode and I didn’t want to distract him from his work. I didn’t want to run though, I needed to sit and think. I could go to the Starbucks in the lobby of Night Life but chances of being left alone there weren’t good. No, there was only one place to go to be alone.

I walked into the Apex building past the sculpture that sat in the lobby of a man holding a glass orb with a garden growing inside and straight into a waiting lift. The walls were clear so I could enjoy the view and I stared at the sculpture named Atlas as I rose above it, as I had countless times over the years. This building was my home away from home, the place I worked now, the place I had lived from the age of thirteen to seventeen as I completed my training at the academy.

I sat alone on the edge of the roof as my mind raced with possibilities. There was no doubt that I loved Luka. But at the same time I was enthralled by this man, this stranger, whose face I hadn’t even seen. But when he touched me… I shivered at the memory.

And of course I couldn’t stop thinking of Dean’s painting, of what that could mean. I knew I needed to talk to Luka but what did I say? “Hey babe I was wondering if you’d mind if I hooked up with this guy I met on the roof the other night?”

I groaned and shook my head at my ludicrous thoughts. The thing was we were young and if I’m being completely honest we had both been a little wild when we met. We’d done things together and with other people on many occasions. But that was all meant to be over now. We loved each other, were committed to one another. Luka wanted us to get married so we had settled down, changed our ways.

And we were happy, I was content. At least I had been.

“Stormtrooper,” I whispered the name I’d given him. “Who are you and what have you done to me?”

There were no answers for me, no tall stranger stepping out of the shadows to answer my question. That was the reason I’d come to the Apex building after all, I knew or knew of everyone who had access to the building, I was safe here. Safe from everything but my own thoughts that is…


to be continued…


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