I Can Make You A Man

The Discover Challenge is Designed for You

Do you ever feel like you are Dr Frank-N-Furter from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture show’?

I’ve been making a man,
With blonde hair and a tan

Or black hair, or brown hair, or a woman. You know, whatever you need.

Need a villain? Write one? A mentor? He shall be wise!

Each character that I write, is designed very explicitly for me. To do exactly what I want them to. Right?

It does make me wonder, on those days that some of those characters are not doing what I want (in fact they have very strong opinions about what they will or wont do), why I designed them that way? Was I particularly annoyed at myself when I said, ‘I know! Let’s make him strong and opinionated and arrogant and stubborn … that will be fun!’?

“Yeah, what were you thinking?” Alex says with a snort.


  1. Charles Dickens famously would become so attached to some of his characters that on more than one occasion he was seen staggering down the street, openly weeping after having just killed off a favorite. So you’re in good company πŸ™‚

    “I’ll remove the cause…but not the symptom.” (Frank N. Furter)


    1. One of mine refuses to get in a story so I’m the crazy chick muttering to herself! He hasn’t made me cry … yet!
      “Don’t dream it, be it.”


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