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In my head there are voices. No, I don’t have a mental illness, I’m a writer. The voices are my characters, waiting for their stories to be told. Sometimes they are very loud, all clamouring to talk at once. Other times, you could hear a pin drop. Right now, they are subdued, just quiet whispers in the background. I like to picture them hanging out at a bar, having a quiet drink, I’m sitting in a corner hunched over my keyboard and every now and then, one of them wanders over to chat and their story progresses.

Among them, is my … I hesitate to say muse because he is not that. He is my sounding board, my reality check. I used him in a story recently and he showed me why he’s not in his own story. He is unpredictable and out of control, he is my constant, not so dark, passenger. The voice that talks back when I’m muttering to myself, plotting and planning. The one that says, “Really?” with a smirk and a shake of his head when I’m writing wrong.

I must be doing something right this time, he’s just waiting with a smile …

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