Grey Sky Morning

Today’s Daily Prompt: Layers

where am I?

I feel so alone yet … not? Trapped?

I need … her? I can feel …  need her to feel … Me?


Can you hear me?

who am I?


alex. I am Alex. Where am I?”

“Come on man, you’re scaring me!”

sorry. I can’t find … me?

“Can you feel me?” Skye whispers, her breath warm against my ear.

“Alex? It’s Joel. Can you hear me?”

sky? I know the sky …

where is it?

where am I?”

“Alex?” he calls.

“Who are you?” she whispers.


“Alex,” I whisper.

“Alex,” she whispers.

“Oh thank you, you’re back!” he sounds relieved.

I am?

There’s something I need to do.

I just can’t … it’s so far away … got to reach through the layers … got to reach the …

“Skye?” I whisper.

“Yeah buddy, juts open your eyes and you can see the sky.”

I can’t .. might lose her … who?

It’s grey … the sky? No, the layers … can’t see Her?

I blink.


“Did you do it?” Joel looks at me anxiously. “You’ve been out for hours.”

“Do what?” I ask, feeling confused.

“Did you contact her?”

“Who? And what?” Is Joel crazy. “I was just asleep, how could I contact anyone?”

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