Today’s Daily Prompt: Island

“Well, did it work?”

The anxious question drew Alex out of his meditative state sooner than he liked. Without answering he stood and stretched, paced across the small space three times before sitting back down on the cot.

“Alex?” Joel glared at him from his position on his own cot. “Did you contact her again?”

“Yes it worked,” he closed his eyes for a moment to better remember the feel of her under his hands.

“And? Will she do it?”

“It doesn’t work like that Joel,” Alex said, his voice clipped.

“It’s been six months, surely you’ve made progress?”

“Six months since I first made contact, it’s only in the last two months I’ve been able to talk to her,” Alex reminded.

“Since she moved closer, right?” Joel sighed heavily. “I do remember, it’s just so frustrating, you know?”

“Of course,” Alex didn’t add how frustrating it was for him. The almost corporeal visits where he was trying to build trust, convince her he was real. Touching her …

“Will you try again tomorrow?” Joel lay down on the cot as he asked the question.

“I’m not sure. I think she was upset tonight. It might be pushing things, especially if I can’t get through properly.”

“What happens then?”

Alex stood and crossed to the window, looked out at the reflection of the moon on the water. “She just gets agitated and restless.”

“So I guess not a great time to ask for a rescue from a mysterious island?”

Alex laughed, glad to hear Joel’s sense of humour returning. “Doesn’t that sound like the lamest story ever? The Rescue from Mystery Island.”

“Who do you want to play you when they make the movie, I think …”

Alex only half listened to Joel, his mind on Her. He didn’t know her name or the colour of her eyes but he knew how soft her skin was,and how she shivered when he kissed her neck.

He tuned in to hear the end of Joel’s story, “And then we’ll come back and turn this place into a paradise, Paradise Island.”